The Vision:

To transform the child’s environment so that he/she can experience the warmth of a home and to integrate back into school so that in turn he/she can/will offer a positive input in our society. We want to maintain a balance: the children need to be cared for in spirit, soul and body.

The Mission:

To let the children be children again.
To restore their dignity as human beings and see themselves as God sees them.
Channel the desire of creating a better future into useful qualities.
To impress discipline by means of participation in house rules and duties.
The goal is to give the children the love they never knew or experienced. To love them with the love of the Lord, and restore them to become valuable members of society.

Basic Information

Nelly Senong, founded the safe house and foster home in 2002. Later, in 2009 the Haven became a Non Profit Company when the local Baptist church came alongside to partner with advice.